Privacy Policy


Your Privacy...

Every possible effort will be made to ensure your privacy is protected at all times. The only data collected will be that which is legitimately required for me to fulfil my job, and nothing more. When filling in my contact form, you will be asked for certain identifiable information, such as your name, telephone number and/or email address. This data is collected in order to provide you with a quote, and will not be used for anything further should you decide not to book me.


For clients that proceed to book the information I collect may include:


Your name


Email address


Mobile telephone number


Your home address (to post your photo disk and any additional products)


The addresses of your wedding/shoot locations


Names of those involved with your day (for group photos or alternate contacts)


What I do with the information


Your information is stored on a local, encrypted, hard drive at the Pike Photography office. I also keep a paper copy of your plans and details on file in a locked cabinet at the office, for back-up purposes. Your names, wedding/shoot dates and phone number may also be stored in my phone, which is pin protected. Your information is processed by a GDPR compliant third party.


Your Rights & Privacy


Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2018), you have the following rights;


•The right to be informed


•The right of access


•A right to rectification


•The right to erasure (in the event you would like every copy of your photos erased, written permission from both parties must be obtained and this will entail a cooling off period of 2 months)


•Right to restrict processing


•The right to data portability


•A right to object


•The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.


Lawful processing of data


The data I obtain and process is only for the purposes of booking in clients, and the processes I use are designed with your privacy in mind.


Access Requests


If you would like to access your data that I hold, you can request to do so via email, or arrange a meeting.



As a creative it is important for the continuation of my business to have the ability to display and showcase my latest work. Upon agreement of contract for any wedding/photo shoot the client will be asked if they consent for their images to be used on Pike Photography’s social media pages, website and in other marketing. Consenting clients may request for their image/s to be removed from Pike Photography’s social media pages and website at any time.  


Consent for Wedding Guests


Throughout the course of a wedding day I aim to photograph all of your guests. I work on the assumption that guests in attendance at your wedding are happy to be photographed, unless they make an effort to avoid the camera or approach me and ask otherwise. These images are shared with you, the couple, on disk and/or via email. On occasion, I’ll use these images on social media and in marketing materials – if those in the image want it removed, I will do so.


Promotional Emails


I do not have a mailing list and will not contact you for promotional purposes. Emails and calls  to clarify details required for your booking, to update you on your photos and respond to any questions you may ask.


Links to Other Websites


Any links from this website to others (such as suppliers’ sites or wedding blogs) are checked for functionality, but not for malware or security. I cannot be held responsible for content on other sites linked from here.




The Pike Photography website, emails, computers and hard drives are managed professionally and responsibly in order to minimise risk of hacking, robbery or malware.


GDPR Compliance

I require and use your data to do my job to the best of my ability, it will only be used for this purpose and it will not, under any circumstances, be passed on to any third party.